About homelog

Find your home

Since the property search is all about finding the perfect ‘home’ in a pleasant area to live, these days it is essential to offer an all-encompassing service that goes far beyond bricks and mortar! Choosing a place to live makes you part of the fabric of an area, brings you closer to what you do and the people that you love. With all this in mind, the Homelog platform provides a collection of features which help you to quickly and effectively find that love-at-first-sight property, whatever stage of life you are at!

Wherever you like

We put you, the person, back at the heart of the property search, and the most important aspect of this is allowing you to search for your living space in a geographic area of your choice. Thanks to the geolocalisation system, any prospective buyer or renter can easily position their search around the places which are most important to them (the office, the children’s school, the gym etc.) and thereby get a comprehensive view of all the available properties on offer in their preferred area. The benefit of Homelog is that it allows a very wide search in a geographic sense, while being very specific in terms of the search criteria.

Precise and efficient

Whether you are a private individual, a landlord or an estate agency, the Homelog platform offers a particularly efficient way of searching for and managing listings. With its advanced features, it guarantees that everyone can accurately and effectively access the properties they have listed or searched for. Furthermore, for a single property, the platform collects all the different adverts on the market onto one page, which guarantees maximum transparency and enables you to make a well-informed choice. Say goodbye to multiple listings with missing information!

And personalised recommendations!

As well as simplifying your property search, Homelog gives you recommendations and shows you the latest market trends! It can give you advice and help you find out about new developments, decorating, construction works, places that you wouldn’t otherwise have found and more…

Homelog – your property partner at every stage of your life!