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Use geo-location to publish
your ad for free

With HomeLog, your transparency is rewarded! The publication is
free if you geo-tag your property and provide as
much information as possible.

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How to geo-locate my ad

How much costs an ad without geo-location?

Use geo-location to publish
your ad for free

Thanks to your dashboard, it’s fast and efficient to create,
publish and manage your ads. Choose a date of publication and
analyse the performance of your ads. With HomeLog,
managing your portfolio has never been so easy!

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Talk with your potential tenants and buyers

Thanks to the HomeLog internal messaging system,
people interested in your property can contact you directly for
more information as well as to organise a first visit or
meeting. All from the comfort of your dashboard!

How to use the e-mail

Increase the visibility of your
ad with Google

Increase the visibility of your property
without paying a euro. All properties using geolocation on Homelog are
automatically referenced with their address on Google.
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