How do I use geolocation in my real estate ads?

Geolocation in your real estate ads is automatic on Homelog. The advantage is that your ad remains free and your property better referenced.

Homelog allows users to pinpoint your Belgian real estate using geolocation. Adding the geographical location to your real estate ads increases the visibility of your property without you spending a euro. Your house or apartment will then be displayed on the map using a marker (in addition to appearing in the list of searches) and automatically referenced with its address by Google.

Use geolocation in your real estate ads – it’s easy!

When you create your property profile you need to enter the full and correct address of your houses or flats for rent or sale. Our system automatically checks the address and suggests the best spelling from our database. If the suggested property address is yours, select it. Otherwise, contact us.

Thanks to geolocation, your property is display on the map by default and listed on Google. If you don’t wish to share your property addresses in your real estate ads, simply disable the geolocation option. Please note that your ad will be paid.


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