Can I hide the house address in the ad?

You can decide whether to hide the house address in the ad. If you choose to make it visible, your property ad will be free!

By default, when you post an ad for your house for sale or rent on Homelog your property address is visible. This allows it to be accurately geolocated on the map. The goal is to help tenants and potential buyers quickly assess the quality of your property. The location is a criterion that often weighs heavily in the balance! You can hide the house address in the ad, but it will only be free if you opt for geolocation!

You don’t want to share the house address?

It’s not mandatory to make your property address visible in your ads for house rentals or Belgian property for sale. You can choose to sell a house without sharing the address by disabling this feature when you fill in your real estate ad. In this case the ad will cost €0.33/day and will not be displayed on the map.


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