Why use geolocation on Homelog to sell your house?

Did you know that more and more users of foreign real estate sites use geolocation? You can too when you sell your house on Homelog!

Advantages of geolocation when you sell your house

Geolocating your property means providing as much transparency as possible about its location to potential home buyers and renters. With geolocation you don’t waste time explaining where the property is when you sell your house. Furthermore, imagine your property is on a street that traverses 2 towns. With conventional search by town, there is a chance a potential rental tenant or home buyer will miss your property. Geolocating your property on Homelog means if it is situated at the far end of a street it will be still be displayed on the map, even if it belongs to a different town.

Being transparent with your real estate adverts is easy!

With Google Street View and Google Images, people wishing to know the exact address of a property are only a few clicks away. And anyway, fans of some neighbourhoods know almost every street by heart!

Are you worried that occupants of your rental house in Belgium might be bothered by impatient future tenants? A billboard on the street would attract no fewer curious onlookers than an ad online!

In addition, if you allow geolocation of your Homelog property, your real estate adverts remain free! Read our tips to geolocate your property and increase your visibility on Google!


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