The team

Two experienced men are behind Homelog. Firstly, Jean-Luc Vanhoutte is an entrepreneur in many different fields and has been a property expert for the last twenty years. Then there is Axel Jacobs, a scientist and a great enthusiast for IT development from a very young age. As a team, between Jean-Luc’s industry experience and Axel’s technical expertise, they are able to develop features which precisely correspond to the needs of tenants, buyers and sellers.

As a real expert in his field, Jean-Luc knows that the most important thing in property is to be able to listen and respond to some incredibly varied demands. From the start of his career, he has been committed to searching for those rare gems which correspond perfectly to his clients’ expectations. However, throughout his career he has come up against a lack of effective search resources in the property market. That is why he decided to throw himself into the creation of a platform capable of realising his professional dreams: quality, transparency and efficiency.

Jean-Luc met Axel one evening in 2011 at a mutual friend’s house. And so began a friendship, a sharing of ideas and the start of the Homelog adventure. In the following months, Axel used a series of codes and algorithms to change the experience of property workers on the ground. After a lot of hard work, the platform came to life and the team took on some new talents to help perfect Homelog and develop its features.

An incredible intellectual and technical challenge, Homelog reflects the tenacity, willpower and thorough approach of its founders. Surrounded by a tight-knit team, Jean-Luc and Axel keep having new ideas to help their creation respond even better to the needs and expectations of each and every one of you.