Can I save multiple criteria in my real estate search?

Looking to rent a house in Belgium with a minimum 3 rooms in the city central? Saving multiple real estate search criteria is easy with Homelog!

Make your real estate search general or specific

After entering a street name, city or postcode in the search bar, add criteria to optimise your real estate search…and your time!

What criteria should I save?

  • Type of property: are you looking for a house, apartment or land?
  • For sale or rent
  • Minimum number of rooms required
  • Minimum number of bathrooms required
  • Minimum living space required
  • Etc.

Homelog lets you further refine your search by suggesting other more specific criteria such as subtype (studio, villa, undeveloped land), condition, year of construction and renovation, living space, number of rooms, terrace or parking, etc.

Save your search criteria

Do you often use the same search criteria? To facilitate your future searches, you can save your criteria by clicking on the icon  . Then, simply enter a name for your search (e.g. ‘Ground floor with garden’ or ‘Apartment near Ixelles Ponds’). Now, you can re-run your search at any time!

You’ll find all your saved searches in your Homelog account area.

Do you want to modify one of your saved searches? Simply re-run the search, add/change your criteria then, click on the icon again.

Save time by activating an email alert for your saved searches

For each of your saved searches, you can activate an alert to receive email notifications only when new properties matching your criteria are posted on Homelog.


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