How do I find houses for rent or sale on Homelog?

Finding houses for rent or sale on Homelog is easy thanks to its location-based map search and lists of available properties.

Use geolocation to find houses for rent or sale

In the search bar write the name of a street, city or postcode to be notified of all properties available in your area of interest. This will appear at the centre of the map through geolocation. Move the map by holding down the mouse click and find all available properties.
The houses for sale or rent in your search area are represented by blue markers and properties for rent by green markers. Click a marker: a summary of the property sheet appears. Click on it again to see the details. Do numerical markers appear on the map? These indicate the number of properties on a given surface if the scale of the map is too large. Simply decrease the scale to see the blue and green markers again.


Other options using geolocation

Redefine your search at any time, adding additional criteria: for sale, rent, type of property (house, apartment, undeveloped land), number of bedrooms, etc.

You also can:

  • Play with the   or   buttons to enlarge or reduce the scale of the map
  • Transform the map into an aerial view of Belgian property for sale or rent with the button  
  • Precisely draw a search area on the map with the button  
  • Find your exact geolocation in the centre of the map with the button  . This function depends on network coverage

Find real estate in Belgium with a list

It’s easy to find real estate in Belgium by using the list function. The list to the right of screen includes all properties located on the map. The higher a property is on the list, the closer it is to your centre of interest. If you place the mouse over a listing without clicking, the map adjusts to show precisely where the property is located. If interested click the listing to receive detailed information and contact the advertiser.


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